For those of you who have been following Christopher’s Just Design (formerly The Good Design Book) updates, today we made more progress on the book. I spent a good chunk of time helping with the index, making sure we correctly identify everyone mentioned across the almost 200 pages.

We started with the obvious listings— those designers and design studios with featured projects in the form of detailed insights and big colorful photographs. We realized, however, that there are other people mentioned, referenced, or quoted in some form or another that should also have a place in the index.

The process of defining the scope of the index quickly revealed itself to be a bigger task than originally thought. We proceeded with our original plan for the time being, but it sounds like we will go back and rethink our parameters in order to grow the index even more.

Connect the dots, la la la la la

Sometimes you just don’t know when your work on a particular project will come full circle and be the very reason that several months—or even years—later someone approaches you about new work.

In the Spring of 2009 I created a video while a student in Christopher’s level 2 Graphic Design class at CCA. Part of the assignment was aimed at getting us to work outside of the more typical design projects—posters, logos and books—and getting us working with tools that maybe we weren’t as familiar with. The assignment was to create a one-minute video narrative on the subject of secret(s). I created this piece that follows a DJ through a record store digging for gems buried beneath the dust (video after the jump): [more]

May 27

The first few times the phone rang this morning I was fully expecting a callback from our friends from yesterday. Luckily that feeling didn’t persist too far into the day, as Thursday turned out to be a rather uneventful one. I spent a few hours in the morning combing through samples of MINE™’s previous work. I first saw some of the studio’s pieces a few years back, and it’s been an interesting progression, first viewing the work as an outsider, then getting a different perspective having Christopher as an instructor and him bringing in and discussing work in class, and now getting an inside view of the operations behind the work.

In the afternoon Dave and Paul from House of Air came by to talk about the website design Tim and Christopher have been working on. They were really digging it, and it sounds like a few small tweaks here and there is all that is needed. It was a smooth meeting. They also made some decisions regarding furniture—café tables, picnic tables, and the like. No $3700 Belgian picnic tables this time around, but that’s okay.

To wrap up the day, Christopher, being extremely involved in the education of young designers’ minds across the land, headed out early to the Academy of Art Spring Show. I continued making some changes to the grid/layout of the intern binder, and Tim was busy burning some project files to CD. Every third disc made this weird tuba-esque sound as it spun in the drive. Sort of like this.

Other than that, at the end of the day I made a few things on the scanner with stuff lying around the comp room.

For example,

something dark

and something light.